Monday, 31 August 2015

Book Book Book

I still cannot let go of not planning for things for a trip. That is the main barrier for me having a limit to my trips. This time, I limited myself to just 3 weeks in Europe, instead of buying an open ticket and go back when I feel like going back.

Before today, I have only booked the return air ticket that will bring me out of and back into Singapore. Its none other than our national carrier - Singapore Airlines. I only needed to pay tax and stuff as I claimed my miles for this air ticket. In the end, I paid about $600.00 for a return ticket between Singapore and Frankfurt, Germany. The other ticket booked was for the one-way flight that'll connect me to Berlin from Frankfurt. I'll be flying Lufthansa.

Today, I booked 2 more flights. One with Air Berlin that will take me to Vienna from Berlin; and one with Czech Airlines that will take me from Prague to Frankfurt.

I also made bookings for the train trips in Vienna. The one that brings me to and from Hallstatt and the one that connects me from Vienna to Prague. The train ticket to Bratislava, I decided to just get it when I'm already in Vienna.

I also more or less settled on the accommodation for my stays in Hallstatt, the one night when I return to Vienna and the 2 nights in Prague. 2 hotels have not replied my e-mail yet - one for the 5 nights in Berlin and the other for the 3 nights in Vienna.

There are still some loose ends to tie. I've no idea yet where i'll stay in Amsterdam (therefore, more research) and I have not booked the train tickets to Amsterdam.

Another minor issue is that of whether a day trip to Brussels/Bruges should be planned. It feels too rushed and it will add on to my time planning, my money spent on train ride and also time travelling while in Amsterdam. We'll probably eventually decide to drop by or not on a whim.

So yup, that's about it for updates.

Monday, 24 August 2015

7 Years Later

Obviously I have forgotten about this page for such a long time. It has been seven long years. Then, there was no Facebook, only Friendster. There was no Whatsapp, only MSN Messenger. And I've since had many trips and changed my passport probably twice.

After the Tokyo/Hokkaido trip in Spring 2008 (I know, I have not finished with the post. I'm not intending to finish it anytime soon) I've pretty much widened my horizons.

In 2009, I returned to Hong Kong, had a short trip to Batam, Indonesia and spent fall in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2010, by virtue of my military unit, I was in Kaoshiung, Taiwan for 3 weeks and ventured to Kyoto and Osaka of Japan during fall.

In 2011, summer was a trip to nearby Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And 2 weeks of Fall was spent in Manchester, London and Paris.

In 2012, I again returned to Hong Kong. This time, I made it a point to visit nearby Macau. In late November, I returned to Tokyo, Japan.

In Spring 2013, I flew to Seoul, South Korea for a second visit amidst the tension in the Korean Peninsula. Then in fall, the compass pointed back to Europe. I was in Rome, Florence, Athens and Santorini for a good 2 weeks. I also had a very tiny taste of Dubai during this trip.

2014 saw me returning to Hong Kong - my fourth visit - for a seminar. Then in September, I went Down Under and spent a week in Melbourne. The year in travel was rounded up by a Winter Trip to try out skiing in Hokkaido, Japan.

This year's summer was a visit to Seoul and Jeju Island in South Korea. And...I have not traveled since.

Well, I'm planning for my most ambitious yet travel itinerary this fall. God Willing, I'm heading to Europe for the third time. This time, I'll be flying to Germany with side trips to other European countries like Holland, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

As I do my research (as always) on these countries and cities, many thoughts are running through my head and I thought it would be good if I shared them and perhaps, readers who've had been in my shoes can help me out a little. I also thought I should have a blog to journal and type away my thoughts and experiences along the journey. This is especially so since technology has advanced so much since I started out this blog in 2008.

I'm still using the old template (whose html codes were extracted, then modified - unlike how we are spoonfed with pretty templates these days) for old times sake, but everything else is different now. Internet connection overseas are more accessible than ever. Mobile phones are smarter and faster, making it easier to connect and also input words and pictures into a blog.

A final word - I hope I can keep up with the blogging, and get to share experiences and photos along the way with readers. Thank you.